About Confidentiality

It may seem risky to disclose your invention to someone unknown through the Internet. However, there are several reasons why you can have confidence in disclosing your invention to InventionAid.com. In the first place, everyone associated with InventionAid.com is a born again Christian. We each believe that, someday, we will have to appear before the Judgment Seat of God and answer for what we have done during our lives. None of us want to have to explain why we stole someone's invention when we are supposed to be helping to protect the invention.

Secondly, it takes about twelve years to qualify as a patent attorney and Robert Sperry has spent nearly half a century practicing patent law. His practice provides him with a comfortable and reliable income. However, if the Patent Office had any reason to believe that Mr. Sperry or anyone associated with him was stealing the inventions they are supposed to protect, they would disbar him immediately and he would lose that comfortable income.

Thirdly, the value of any new invention, regardless of how promising it seems, is an unknown, until it has been proven in the marketplace and it takes years of time, effort and money to accomplish that. Mr. Sperry would be a fool to trade a comfortable and reliable income for the uncertainty of an untried invention. He has seen many ideas which seemed to be good, but never survived in the market.

Fourth, you should always keep copies of any disclosure material you send to us or anyone, together with copies of the transmittal letter, showing the date on which you sent the material. Then, if someone steals your invention, you would have a good chance of winning a law suit for breach of confidential relation, whether or not you have a written Confidentiality Agreement.

Finally, Mr. Sperry is extremely careful in choosing associates to work with him in this work. Everyone who is, in any way, connected with InventionAid.com is a highly ethical and trustworthy person. Nevertheless, for your peace of mind, we invite you to printout the following Confidentiality Agreement, sign it and send it to us. Upon receipt of the Agreement, we will sign it and return it to you. You can send it together with your disclosure to save time or, if you prefer, you can send the Agreement first and, after receiving the signed Agreement, then send your disclosure. We don't care which procedure you follow, because we know that we are not going to steal anything from anybody. Click HERE to read our printable agreement form: AGREEMENT FOR THE ACCEPTANCE OF PROPRIETARY INFORMATION BY INVENTIONAID.COM

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