To obtain a Utility patent through / :

The total cost (Including attorney's fees, draftsman's fees and governmental fees) will be about $6000-$8000 spread out over five or more years. I request a retainer of $2500 at the time you authorize us to prepare a Utility patent application. Due to backlog, it will take a month to prepare a draft of what we propose for the application, together with sketches of what we propose for the drawings. You can review the draft and, if you want changes, you are entitled to one rewrite in the original estimate. If multiple rewrites are necessary, we must charge $400 per hour for preparing each additional rewrite. When you are satisfied with the draft, the $1500 balance of our fee is due, together with the draftsman's fee of $100 per sheet, if you are going to use our draftsman. It then takes about three weeks to get the application in final form, ready for you to sign and mail to the the Patent Office with the governmental filing fee of $355.

Once your applications received by the Patent Office, you will be "Patent Pending" until a patent issues or the case becomes abandoned. Since the Patent Office has about a three year backlog, it will take about that long before we receive an Office Action. Normally, the first Office Action will be a rejection, based upon earlier patents. However, we are allowed to argue that the earlier patents are not really pertinent or to word craft the claims to distinguish from them. When we receive an Office Action, we will send you a copy of the Office Action and patents cited and will ask for your comments and suggestions on how to respond, on the theory that two heads are better than one.

You look at it from a technical standpoint, while we look at if from the standpoint of a patent professional. We have three months to respond to the Office Action and, if necessary, can buy up to three additional months. The responses are called "amendments" and we charge $750 for preparing each amendment. Finally, if you are going to receive a patent, there is a government Issue fee of $620 and they allow you to order ten or more advance copies of your patent at $3.00 each (total $30.00) and we charge $1000 to administer transmission of the issue fee and to monitor the case to make sure that they actually DO issue the patent. They have a bad habit of losing cases after the issue fee has been paid and it has often taken over a year of biweekly phone calls to get the cases actually issued.

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